Hacking Movable Type

six apart社のMovable Type News で紹介されていた MT 関連書籍。 その中でも期待できそうなのが本書。著者の一人、John Wiley...

Hacking Movable Typesix apart社のMovable Type News で紹介されていた MT 関連書籍

その中でも期待できそうなのが本書。著者の一人、John Wiley 氏は MT 用コメントスパム対策プラグイン 「MT-Blacklist」 の作者。

And one more title that's not released yet, but that we're eagerly awaiting the publication of, is Hacking Movable Type. Featuring contributions from a number of well-known contributors to the Movable Type community, including our own Jay Allen and Brad Choate, this should be a good complement to the other titles, diving into the guts of Movable Type and discussing what can be done if you use Movable Type as a starting point for your own creativity.